CUENCA – The prefabricated modules that make up JP house were the architects’ attempt to stear clear of ‘the romantic idea of traditional rural architecture’.

Carmina Casajuana, Beatriz G. Casares and Marcos Gonzalez of Madrid-based studio MYCC, welcomed the client’s wishes for a holiday house different to those existent in the small village of Tragacete, Cuenca, Spain, as they feel that the attempts at constructing rural houses are either too expensive or the product of Lord of the Rings or Joan of Arc films' architecture, instead of the villages’ own.

The result was a compact, simple volume enveloped in larch rainscreen cladding that fits perfectly into its environment. A total of 144-sq-m make up the two-story weekend and holiday retreat of an urban family whose routines were integrated in the overall design. Inside, the ground floor includes the master bedroom and an open, living space with kitchen, living and dining room. The upper floor is the teenager’s space with two bedrooms and an elevated meeting room defined by the ground floor design: above the dining table the ceiling is higher than in the rest of the space. This was the architects' move ‘to achieve a singular space, a different interior use and a distinct image’.

Images courtesy of FG+SG, Fernando Guerra and Sergio Guerra