TALLINN – Children’s clothing manufacturer Lenne desired an office which reflects the company’s playful character. The workspace was to be located inside a former Soviet-era factory building in Estonia’s capital city of Tallinn. The client requested a ‘fun solution that would separate the large and bleak room into individual cosy zones.’ Within a vast hall, KAMP Arhitektid envisaged an adult’s playground, teasing with scale and materiality to create a workplace which captivates employees and visitors alike.

The multilevel landscape unfolds to reveal stairs, doors and rooms, compelling employees to explore and discover their workspace. A vast timber volume inserted into the centre of the hall forms divisions, rooms and even furniture – such as the reception desk. Enveloping spaces, sharp planes inject sophistication into the scheme. In contrast to the sharpness, an amusing aesthetic feeds into the finishes, with unexpected additions such as children-shaped door handles and quirky furniture choices. A row of 3-m-tall desktop lamps trick the eye, concealing their true scale until someone passes beneath them, temporarily transforming people into a doll-like scale.

To complete the charming atmosphere, a forest of 5-m-high trees crafted from a combination of real trunks and artificial foliage tower over the central hall. The architects at KAMP Arhitektid explain: ‘We have created a room that makes you feel as if you are in a bright summer forest, regardless of the season outside.’ Adding to the magic of the space, some of the trees are still growing branches even after installation.

Photos courtesy of Terje Ugandi


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