A creative workspace for Okayama designed by TTArchitects offers a simple, open-concept office designed to foster collaboration.

Kawanishi Fam was created as a shared workspace for independent entrepreneurs, says architect Teruki Takayoshi, and there was no similar office available in the community before. The office was converted from a warehouse formerly used for roasting coffee.

They designed the space to feel as open as possible, Takayoshi says, including using a high, steeped ceiling with natural light, limiting partitions and using a transparent glass screen to separate the meeting room. A small wooden ‘house’ at one end of the office contains the washrooms and storage space.

‘We decided on the house-within-a-house design in order for the ceiling to be viewable in its entirety, which we believe creates an atmosphere conductive to creativity,’ Takayoshi says.
Images courtesy TTArchitects.