Artist KAZ Shirane unleashes visitor’s sense of wonder with Light Origami, a giant 3D kaleidoscope in Sydney, Australia.

In collaboration with producer Reuben Young and composer Inge Liljestrom, the Japan-based spatial designer created the interactive domed structure for the annual festival Vivid Sydney.

For UNESCO’s International Year of Light, luminous reflections are generated inside the three-dimensional construction, imitating the interior of a cylindrical kaleidoscope. Thanks to digital modelling tools, over 320 aluminium composite panels are connected by bolts and assembled together in an origami-like form. The wall’s individual pieces and glass floor reflect changing spectrums of light that are projected within the space, creating a visual effect which constantly shifts according to the viewer’s point of view and movements.

Making their way through the space, visitors are actively involved in shaping unique forms while being showered with illumination. Shirane’s work converts movement and colour into a space-time experience, letting everyone step into a dream-like dimension.

Photos courtesy of Moto