While space dividers play many roles, their most popular one over the past year and a half has been as safeguards against the COVID-19 virus. We’ve compiled a list of seven designs ideal for post-pandemic interiors, whether they have a place in your next project for safety, privacy, or acoustic reasons.

Photos: Naomi Jamie Studio


Aectual Studios

A welcome alternative to disposable plastic screens in the office and at home, Aectual Studios’ 3D-printed room dividers and safety screens are entirely circular. The patterned matte partitions are made of plant-based plastic and can be introduced as a self-standing element, hanging curtain or mounted wall panelling. Once use is complete, they can be shredded and reprinted into different structures. 



When Japanese architect Junzo Sakakura was called on to design the residence of Japan’s then-ambassador to France in 1966, he turned to Charlotte Perriand for the interiors and furniture. Paravent Ambassade was a screen born of that collaboration, constructed of discarded rosewood blocks and threaded rods. Cassina partnered with Perriand’s daughter and archive founder, Pernette Perriand-Barsac, to bring Paravent Ambassade into production for the first time. The new iteration comes in natural Canaletto walnut and natural oak.

Photo: Andrea Garuti, art direction by Studio FM



Created by Jorge Pensi for Pedrali, sound-absorbent space divider Ypsilon Connect is a free-standing element that brings acoustic comfort to a variety of settings. Entire rooms can be created using the customizable partitions, and accessories such as whiteboards, shelves and coat hangers – or, even a TV holder – can be affixed to them.


Andreu World

Lines is a mobile divider solution by Andreu World that demarcates spaces and protects the personal area of workers and users, reducing exposure and providing security. Based on a system of different panel sizes, the solution is available in a wide variety of materials (acrylic, wood and upholstery) and finishes. With table, floor and wall versions, Lines provides complete freedom of configuration to customize each space, giving workspace interiors their own unique character.


Blå Station

Blå Station’s BOB sofa system has a whole new set of features with BOB-19, a series of see-through Plex dividers. Able to be incorporated or dismantled as needed without tools, the Bernstrand & Borselius-designed partitions are a simple way to create flexible separation between sofa users. Three different widths and a range of colours and transparencies make it possible for the modules to be suited down to the details for a space. 



Glas Italia 

The research and development team at Glas Italia has designed Skin with bars, restaurants, hotel receptions, offices and more public spaces in mind. Including 8-mm tempered glass and 4+4-mm laminated glass panels in a vast assortment of finishes, the collection of glass screens helps spatial operators meet new safety standards without compromising on aesthetics and quality. Skin’s removable bases are brushed-bronze, colour-painted steel, and can be fitted with wheels, while the sizes of the panels themselves are entirely up to a client. 



A modular system of seats, dividing panels, low tables and bar tables, Kokoro is idealized as an ‘answer for any environment’. Designed by Federica Biasi for Manerba, the system lends safety and privacy to interiors, but does so in an intimate, versatile way. Kokoro’s upholstered seats invite one to relax, the adjacent acoustic panels aiding in that. Storage hooks, coat shelves and more add-ons can be utilized to optimize the system for specific uses.