Inspired by the tree as a symbol of growth and development, Baukind brings the outdoors in by designing a kindergarten for the Berlin based organisation –  which is specialised in pedagogics and education for the deaf. Together with Atelier Perela, the team designed a colour concept and animal characters that correspond to and live around the root, trunk and crown of trees.

The area that depicts the root of the tree, is dedicated to young kids between one and three years. Animals that live around the root of the tree are painted on the wall. The colours are warm and range from earthy colours like violet, brown and red to resemble the soil in which the tree is rooted. The first floor – the trunk of the tree –  motivates kids to explore and play. The multifunctional furniture creates a platform for playing and also incorporates adequate storage space, which alleviates the mess of toys. 

Uplifting greens and blues on the second floor represent the crown of the tree. The spaces of Kita Sinneswandel invite the kids to explore, but they also offer a place of retreat and safety – creating a structured system for the use of the building that is both fun and appropriate for children.