A solo exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo, presents a series of sounds and vibrations controlled by custom-made sound machines.

Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto has constructed special instruments, including a musical table with 504 nobs. Each are connected by 5m of electric line to a small microphone plates on the ground. As these microphones gather vibrations and noise, they revert the sound back to the main table and computer.

Therefore, each of the 504 nobs is capable of playing just one sound, which they do at random. Filters create ambient sound, and noises recorded in one second are played back at a speed of 1/300. Meanwhile a pendulum sound machine is comprised of a record player; as it spins, it creates noise as 16 pendulums hit metal plates. 

The result is a unique auditory experience of vibrations and frequencies that form a type of ethereal music.

The exhibition can be visited until 3 June at the Pola Museum Annex, and is scheduled to show in London later in 2012.

Photos courtesy Hideyuki Kume (NPO Hexaproject).

Pola Museum Annex
Pola Ginza Building 3F
1-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan

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