Kwanpen’s latest boutique just opened its doors in Korea, showing a minimalist interior concept by Betwin Space Design.

Seoul-based designers Hwan-woo Oh and Jung-gon Kim chose to pare down a luxury display to essential and pure lines for the Singaporean luxury brand’s third store which launched in Busan.

Crocodile leather handbags – Kwanpen’s signature – are showcased atop shelves and stools realized with basic materials in geometrical shapes. Stone tiles surfacing the walls and floors are mirrored in the rectilinear furnishings while brushed brass elements are repeated throughout the space, letting visitor’s gazes bounce from one surface to another.

Simple curves articulated in brass are balanced with horizontal and vertical copper lines, which conceal precious details, supporting the design firm’s intention of moderation. Spotlights protrude down from the ceiling in a systematic line, illuminating and isolating every single object in order to entice customers to discover Kwanpen’s products further into the space. In contrast to the precious and vivaciously dyed goods, neutral colours pervade the boutique, creating widespread brightness.

Photos courtesy of Pyo-joon Lee