La Sastrería, a seafood restaurant in the Spanish city, incorporates references from the neighbourhood and its inhabitants – particularly the tradition of ‘tomar la fresca’.

It’s not an unusual phenomenon to find a seafood restaurant inspired by the sea, especially if that restaurant is steps from a sandy beach. But, with La Sastrería, Masquespacio took their referencing of a maritime locale a step further, focusing on the community culture present in the Valencia neighbourhood of Canyamela-Cabanyal. The hospitality space is divided into three parts: a bar, the main dining room and kitchen and storage area. In the bar, the designers aimed to recreate the ambience of sitting out in the streets to enjoy fresh air on a warm day, a local habit (tomar la fresca). Custom, handcrafted green and white tiles surface the space which takes inspiration from architectural elements in the neighbourhood.

The all-over ceramic cladding continues in blue within the dining and kitchen area, which is fashioned to focus all attention to the culinary artisanry of the La Sastrería team. A wave-like sculpture crafted from ceramic pieces hangs in front of the kitchen-facing bar, ‘growing’ larger as it approaches the gastronomic stage. ‘Here we wanted to create a scene focused on the kitchen,’ says Masquespacio creative director Ana Hernández, ‘submerging the whole restaurant as if you are in the middle of the sea, directed towards the most important part of the space.’ Behind the kitchen are storage spaces envisioned as a fish market, like the ones that take place nearby.

Location Carrer de Josep Benlliure, 42, 46011 València, Valencia, Spain