SEOUL – A dilapidated 1980s structure in Seoul has been transformed into a modern French restaurant.

‘The most important thing in remodelling this old building was to create a space harmonious with the surroundings and to attract the eye,’ says architect Sae Min Oh of BANG by MIN. He replaced the existing dark brick exterior with a monochromatic white façade, allowing it to stand out amongst its neighbours.

According to Oh, the restaurant’s concept is based on a new food phenomenon called ‘Le Fooding’ – a compound word for ‘food’ and ‘feeling.’ The interior space has been created to emphasize this notion; patrons can relax in series of rooms with hugely different themes and decors. This reflects the Korean tradition of spending time in private rooms as opposed to open spaces. Slight differentiation of levels divides the rooms, even when on the same floor, to emphasize the sequence of rooms.

Photos courtesy of Jungwoo Choi

La Ville de Pins
606-3 Sinsa-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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