MONTREAL – Montreal-based Moment Factory never fails to live up to its reputation as one of the world’s leading new media and entertainment studios, at the forefront of advances in the conception and production of immersive environments.

Rightly keeping their focus on an innovative and integrated approach to the design of striking multimedia installations, Moment Factory grasped at an early stage of its ambitious growth the need to harness the potential of different mediums – such as video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects – in order to put forward cutting-edge urban media experiences.

Acclaimed both by the public and municipal stakeholders, the project for La Vitrine Culturelle is in line with a number of initiatives, under way for years, committed to the revitalisation of Montreal’s former Red-Light District.

Located at the busiest intersection of the city’s vibrant Quartier des Spectacles – French for ‘entertainment district’ – the 2-22, a six-storey high-performance office building hosting numerous cultural organisations, saw its façades permanently transformed into a spectacular canvas of light. The multidisciplinary studio’s luminous and highly-narrative creation allows the glass-clad corner building to stand out and serves as a staring beacon within the dynamic urban nightscape.

The tireless creative team at Moment Factory undertook the transformation, on three floors, of the façades’ exposed passageways so as to display ambient, artistic and informative digital content regarding the various services provided by the local cultural body. A 60-second capsule called ‘Urban Clock’ – one among many innovative features created specifically for the project – enables to synchronise hourly all of the building’s visual components.

Moment Factory’s involvement in the revitalisation of this emerging Canadian neighbourhood is of interest because it tends to promote, always through undeniably appealing designs, the return to a valuable community self-reliance. The prominent intervention serves as a collective production, something for each and every Montrealer to experience together.

Images courtesy of Moment Factory