Founded in 2001, Vienna-based architecture and design studio Labvert has developed interiors for many international spirit and liquor companies including; Hennessy, Chivas, Royal Salute and now Austrian craft beer brewery R.M. Müller Bier. With a keen focus on creating a display stand that would be best suited for beer tasting and preservation, founder Stephen Vary and the team at Labvert created an abstract yet effective tool to present the company’s five distinguished beer varieties.

R.M. Müller Bier’s fermentation method demands bottles to remain in the vertical position, calling for a display unit which supports the drink’s most important requirement. A series of oak slats are geometrically arranged to form a support grid for standing beer bottles and glasses. A curved bar table accommodates beer tasting, from the white section of the table top used to spot the subtle nuances in colour of the five brews. A clay container for each variant is embedded in a line down the table’s centre to chill the beer as well as present the brown bottles themselves as the focus of this spatial product stand.

Photos Andreas Scheiblecker