Transformation. It’s what Kriskadecor promises: a purveyor of personalized design solutions, the Spanish company develops interior sculptures made from anodized aluminium links. Whether hung in residential, hospitality or retail spaces, the customizable ceiling fixtures are a means to introduce a truly unique ambience to spatial projects. That’s why Kriskadecor installs can be found everywhere from hotels in the south of France, to shopping centres in the United Kingdom, to cafés in Russia.

Collaborating with designers to achieve enticing compositions of colour and texture, the company utilizes their now-signature aluminium links because of the versatility of the material. It’s what makes the construction of a piece like Falls possible – designed by Yonoh Studio, the new metal sculpture (pictured in header) is comprised of tubes in different lengths which intersect to create a mesmerizing three-dimensional volume. Clients can choose to incorporate atmospheric light sources within, with the option to also select the colours and quantity of the ‘falls’, as well as their height and the distance between them.

From top to bottom: Kriskadecor installations at the Novotel Dijon Route des Grands Crus, Westquay Watermark Shopping Centre and a Moscow Karavaevi Café location.

But Falls is only one possible interior solution offered by Kriskadecor. At the Novotel Dijon Route des Grands Crus in Burgundy, thirty 40-cm-high curved pieces devised by Design Studio dance along the ceiling of the hotel’s reception, representing the warm hues of the wine-producing region. Since Kriskadecor has a wide palette of 24 colours – in brilliant and satin finishes – bespoke creations can capture the prismatic dynamics of any space. That's exemplified well at the Westquay Watermark Shopping Centre in Westhampton, where long wavy veils of gold, green, lime and black chain composed by Michelle Taylor mirror the footprint of the city’s port.

The solutions are a stamp of individuality on a space. At one of the Moscow venues of Russia’s Karavaevi Café franchise, a luminous, floating arrangement can be found. Not only does it make for a distinctive, inviting interior, it embodies the personality of the brand. And thanks to the versatility of the sculptures, that’s possible in any space that boasts a Kriskadecor creation.