How does a company redefine its image within a new store? By redesigning L’Aire Visuelle’s showroom and adjacent optometry clinic, Montreal-based la SHED architecture was able to emulate the eyewear brand’s ethos with a bold but coherent concept. Pure-white, jet-black and sharp shapes overlap as they demark distinct areas in the open-plan space.

The ‘atelier boutique’ retail space greets patients, allowing them to reference specific products while in consultation. Avoiding visual obstructions, frames are presented in low lying cases and full-height wall displays. Breaking its stark-white character, randomly installed wooden planks cover the ceiling – articulating artificial light that shines through.

L’Aire Visuelle’s clinic bends around the showroom core, patienta and employees rarely cross paths. The retail space absorbs most activity, which eventually filters down as patients reach intimate exam rooms on either side. Two corridors lead to a wooden-clad consultation desk.

Black ceilings, walls and carpeting create a total cube effect – a buffer that reduces noise and light diffusion. Private exam rooms are encased in black satin volumes. Recessed lighting and full height openings create a floating effect as these walls slip under ceiling lattices.

Photos Maxime Brouillet

380 Dagenais Blvd. East, suite 102
Laval, Québec, Canada