Continuing its mission to empower spatial excellence beyond print alone, multi-platform brand Frame launches a video channel that literally puts design in motion. Called Frame Views, the channel sets out to define the developments and showcase the people, products and places that are pushing design forward.

In three video series, Frame Views will be exploring future trends in spatial design, portraying visionary creatives and their work processes, and presenting spatial design case studies.

Kicking-off Frame Views is a video about Latvian designer Germans Ermičs, who aims to dissolve the myths around glass. Ermičs (1985) is a child of his time: a designer who first focuses on the material – which can then be translated to objects as easily as to spaces. He belongs to a generation of designers that conducts research and, fascinated by the intrinsic properties of a material, experiments with its qualities, applications and apparent limits, trying to exceed them. These are the qualities that make Ermičs a great subject to launch our Creators of Tomorrow series, in which we portray visionary creatives that are defining new directions in the world of spatial design.

Glass has been Ermičs’ material of choice for a long time and is the focus of his Frame Views episode. In the factory that produces Ermičs’ chromatic collections, we zoom in on his design process and material choices, while providing insight to his inspiration and vision.

‘My work is about experiencing colour in material,’ he explains while walking around the Ombré Glass Chair, of which a frosted version was on show during Milan Design Week this year. ‘I want to give colour its own consistency and express it in three dimensions through the medium of glass. I don’t see colour just as a finishing touch. I see it as an element that can define a shape and transform it into something new. Glass is a very commonly used material, it’s all around us. We actually tend not to even notice it because most of the time it’s transparent.’

‘My goal is to transform how we perceive this material. I often found it cold and very comfortless, and I really wanted to change that by adding colour and different finishes.’

At the set of the video, the spatial qualities of his work, which has found its way into retail environments such as London’s Dover Street Market as well as private residences, become apparent. Reflections expand the work to the surroundings. And even though Ermičs doesn’t often envision a particular space when designing, it’s a phenomenon he consciously uses. ‘I’m interested in how material or a certain approach can change the way we see the space or how we feel in it. Mirror and glass are very powerful tools that allow me to do just that.’

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