BLAGNAC – Don’t be fooled by this industrial-looking block in Blagnac, France – it’s actually a group of 80 housing units.

‘Its general layout is also based on a series of juxtaposed strips running east to west,’ says architect Olivier Companyo of PPA Architects. ‘Its overall ground plan reflects a desire for a graded hierarchy of public, collective and private spaces.’

The complex includes 24 assisted-rent flats and 40 private lots, ranging from social flats at the north and south to large houses on the western perimeter and semi-collective blocks on the east. In the centre are small row houses and semi-collective blocks.

There’s only one circular road which loops around the complex, lending way for more pedestrian paths and private gardens with no motor vehicle access. An interior street is framed by foliage – a ‘planted promenade’ – which forms the main axis from which the various sections radiate. All houses were arranged around the single road in specific directions, in order to maximize outdoor garden space.