Everybody knows three legs are stronger than four, but what about two? Eindhoven-based Izabela Boloz shows two legs are enough with her newly unveiled project, the Leaning Bench. Paring down its supports to the bare necessity, the two-legged chair becomes usable once its backrest is pitched against a wall surface to form a stable support system. The clean, minimal result plays a delicate game with gravity which challenges the reposer´s sense of balance. Proving less really is more – with the help of rubber non-slip feet – the furniture piece can easily accommodate two individuals on any floor condition.

In reference to her designs, Boloz states ‘I get inspired by observing the everyday, repeatable phenomena which we experience daily but rarely notice, like the movement of sun or the passing of time. Call it a decoding of the world around us. In my work I investigate concepts like transition, motion, balance or complexity, which I take as starting point for my designs. Leaning Bench combines my investigation of balance and aesthetic minimalism in furniture. It relates back to some of my earlier work, and I enjoy the idea of continuation.’

Oiled for a natural appearance, the ash wood bank can easily find its niche within a corridor, gallery or room for a quiet, meditative moment. An oak alternative with a lacquered finish is ideal for outdoors as portable garden seating.


Photos & Video Conor Trawinski (Studio Mashed)