Learning from China: A New Era of Retail Design is a 320-page reference book highlighting lessons designers, architects and industry leaders can learn from the country’s commercial spaces.

At Frame, we’ve charted innovative retail spaces in China for years, watching (and admiring) as designers in the country paved a more experiential future for bricks-and-mortar. Now more than ever those groundbreaking visions are vital for the design industry. They not only show that physical retail can effectively grow alongside e-commerce but why there is indeed great benefit to brands setting up shop offline. And, as retail continues to globally recalibrate from the shock of the pandemic, there are lessons in that no matter where you conduct business.

Our newest retail-design title Learning from China: A New Era of Retail Design exemplifies this, examining 50 pioneering spaces. From multifunctional lifestyle destinations and food kiosks to multi-brand stores and themed pop-ups, the curated selection of case studies provides a window into the future of the industry. Key takeaways at the end of each chapter investigate topics such as building community, balancing e-commerce with physical retail, creating the ‘wow’ factor and guiding consumers with spatial narration.

Showcasing the work of a troupe of international and national designers – including Gentle Monster, Mur Mur Lab, Sò Studio and more – the 320-page book is an introduction to both emerging and established talents in China. Projects are accompanied by descriptive text, stunning photography, drawings and sketches, and designer profiles in four-to eight-page features.

As we tackle the future of the bricks-and-mortar store, Learning from China illustrates how designers have innovatively risen to new demands and challenges within retail, delivering truly compelling, timely spaces. And it prompts us to do the same.

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