Jacquemus partnered with French florist Les Fleurs de Paul to open a brand activation space, designed by Paf Atelier and Yoann et Marco.

Key features

For a week this spring, a corner spot in Paris’ 18th arrondissement was transformed into the pop-up flower shop: Les Fleurs. The building – painted in an unmissable cobalt blue, with a bright yellow sun overhead – is punctuated by wide windows, which served as perfect viewpoints for the blossoming bouquets. Paf Atelier and Yoann et Marco utilized ordinary tools in flower delivery, such as carts, plastic blue buckets, metal shelving and tarpaulins, to dress the small interior. ‘I wanted to share something other than clothes during this particular period,’ Simon Porte Jacquemus told L’Officiel, commenting on the difficulty of COVID.

Frame's take

Everyday objects become objects of beauty in Jacquemus’ world; at the brand’s flower shop, that ethos was clear. By using unpretentious objects to form the basis of the store design, the team effectively created an activation simultaneously brand-authentic and nonintrusive to the neighbourhood’s atmosphere. Paf and Yoann et Marco’s intent – to develop a place to inspire moments of ‘sharing and exchange’ – reflects a welcome mindfulness to the community and times. The result? A spot able to present itself as a local staple rather than a gimmicky attraction.