Step inside this long, narrow restaurant/bar in Tokyo, and you may be forgiven for thinking you’ve travelled somewhat oddly in time to a swanky eatery that wouldn’t be out of place in a futuristic Stone Age. Created by Japanese design firm Moriyuki Ochiai Architects, the cave-like interior of this 96m2 space is illuminated thanks to a series of dynamic ridges and creases that artfully allow light to fluctuate and reflect around the room in an ever-changing glow. “We sought to create a universe in which one can wander into a cozy cave and enjoy a transforming scenery as our bodies become enfolded in a whirl of vibrant light,” the designers explain.

Upon arriving, visitors are met with shimmering shards hanging from the ceiling that resonate unique and graceful patterns around the interior to create an air of serenity. Meanwhile, in another area of the restaurant, a wall of windows and radiant aluminum waves that whirl above the diners and intertwine with a red timber lattice, create an atmosphere that is described by the designers as ‘brimming with a feeling of lively motion’.


Photos Tetsu Hiraga