Ideal co-working spaces provide users the ability to readily negotiate the way they choose to interact with the space. For Rain of Light, Yuan Architects used light as a tool to help workers navigate the ups and downs of their productivity. Occupants can easily move from areas bathed in pure, high-intensity daylight to spaces illuminated by indirect daylight.

The positive impact of natural light in the workspace has been well researched. According to a study titled Natural Light and Productivity: Analyzing the Impacts of Daylighting on Students’ and Workers’ Health and Alertness by N. Shishegar and M. Boubekri, its effects range from an improved mood, performance and sleep quality, to higher vitamin D retention and alertness.

Utilizing the space’s high ceilings, Yuan Architects installed white, arched panels that make up a multi-functional structure. Not only does it create movement and flow, but it also shapes shelving space. What is more, light pouring in from the building’s sunroof is carried and softened by the delicate panels. The walls are clad in wood sheets that provide a warm glow of indirect light and a place for introspection.

Sculpted for creativity, Rain of Light provides users with a flexible space that can accommodate various activities and events. Light becomes a functional tool of construction, at once sculpting the interiors and allowing variation of use.