New York-based designer Todd Bracher innovatively used one LED light source and 97 concave reflective domes to create his latest installation.

Lightfalls is the result of physics meeting design,’ says Bracher, who teamed with 3M for the project. ‘Design should be driven by reason and function, so when I saw 3M’s true technical clout, engineering skills and materials expertise, it was the perfect opportunity.’

The installation distributes light from one LED source to cover the entire wall made of about 98 per cent reflective 3M film. As light bounces off one film-covered dome to another, it effectively creates the illusion that each module houses a bulb when in fact there is only one.

Bracher calls the project a ‘virtual LED.’ He used 3M’s new lighting line, which is based on the concept that physics is the basis of good design.

Lightfalls was shown at the Wanted Design festival in NYC last month.