Just a few minutes from the city, in an idyllic setting among the vineyards of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Les Sources has 49 rooms and nine suites. The owners, Alice and Jérôme Tourbier, have made it one of the most prestigious wine-country hotels in the world, with one of the best-regarded restaurants in the Bordeaux region. But not wanting to rest on their laurels, the couple decided to mark the hotel’s tenth anniversary with a new look for its secluded L’Ile aux Oiseaux suite, which, as its name suggests, is tucked away on its own island. The renovation coincided with the arrival of a new Michelin-starred chef, Nicolas Masse. ‘We contacted Martin Margiela because we share the same attention to detail and passion for the sort of beauty that both enchants and surprises,’ says Alice Tourbier. ‘By giving this ultra-fashionable designer carte blanche, we wanted to let his minimalist, avant-garde spirit express itself in the heart of our vineyards.’ The result marries a minimalist palette of white, black and grey tones with playful neoclassical trompe l’oeil visuals and mirrored surfaces that create a dreamy atmosphere. With bedroom and living-room floors covered with white cowhide rugs, soft textures dominate the floor as well as the bed, where a huge ‘headboard’ composed of a dozen fluffy white pillows is pinned to the wall. The only splash of colour comes from the famous Bocca red-lips sofa, a surreal touch, while 50 white-painted trestles form a desk on which a Maison Martin Margiela bottle lamp stands, lighting the room. White also dominates the bathroom, where tarnished, second-hand mirrors add a nostalgic, quirky accent to the space. In a similar vein, the antique bathtub on its ornate legs is the only piece of furniture salvaged from the previous décor.