Pizzeria or puzzle? Valentín Sanz combines spatial efficiency and playfulness in his latest project: Pivvzza.

In the cozy restaurant, angular furniture pieces can be joined together or pulled apart just like pizza slices to make the most of the space. LiquenLAV responded to the challenge of designing an open-kitchen restaurant that holds objects and tools as well as cooking and dining areas within 40 sq-m by creating a bespoke shelf on which each element occupies a specific place. The result: Pivvzza’s spatial configuration is determined by relations of proximity between the restaurant’s components, which form a carefully thought-out puzzle.

LiquenLAV sustains this playfulness by introducing different levels of exposure for the public in the open-concept space: shelf and objects stand as filters, capable of both covering up and revealing particular areas, as if in a game of peekaboo.

In the dining area, stump-inspired stools can be stacked like Tetris blocks to form higher stools or tables, providing maximum adaptability while adding to the restaurant’s whimsical-yet-orderly atmosphere.