SCUNTHORPE – Artist Liz West strikes gold yet again with Our Colour Reflection, a field of mirrors which emanates rainbow colours within the confines of St John's Church.

Having made a debut statement with Your Colour Perception, West's latest polychromatic splash is both a play on her recent streak of vibrant installations and on words. Forming a sort of spatial couplet, Our Colour Reflection again bathes observers with the artist's primary ingredients of light and colour, but with a twist for another unorthodox submersion into their fusion.

Seeming to sprout up like flowers, hundreds of jewel-toned beads pave the church's central nave. Exactly 700 acrylic mirrors are set upon transparent tube stands, replacing the smooth surface of stone slabs with a fragmented terrain of convex discs. As daylight filters through the building's grandiose windows of stained glass, the myriad of mirrors reflect a kaleidoscope of colourful rays into historic structure's buttresses, vaults and rafters.

Over the course of a day, the canvas of St John's Church is transformed with a transient dappling of spectral illumination. As observers pass down the side aisles in contemplation, the layering of multicoloured puddles reflect a blend of their own images and the architectural detailing overhead.

By applying the colouration found in the stained glass windows, the resulting rainbow-hued rays pervade the interior, amplifying the intended effect of stained glass windows themselves, as well as their impact upon individuals amid sacred architecture.

Witness Liz West's installation at the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre before 25 June 2016.

Photos Hannah Devereux