Masquespacio’s sixth collaboration with Italian fast-food chain Bun captures the brand’s fun, vibrant identity in a mature package to accommodate local tastes.

Key features

Spanish design studio Masquespacio has designed its sixth interior for the Italian hamburger chain restaurant, Bun. Founded in Milan, the Brera district restaurant has been finished in a more mature and sophisticated look, compared to its other locations, to adapt the restaurant’s identity to the historic neighbourhood. Design elements distinct to Bun’s identity are incorporated into this space, including arches, elevated benches and signature furniture pieces like round stools, tables, seating pads and light fixtures.

Strong, creative use of colour, also characteristic of Bun, is present. Pink, purple, green and yellow fill the restaurant’s interior in colour-blocked patterns. Other hues in the palette create both contrast and continuity in the space. One of the dining areas is inspired by a swimming pool with baby-blue floors, furniture and half-tiled walls. The upper part of the wall and ceiling is covered in an iridescent pink and blue surface, which makes wave-like reflections. Reflective finishes – mirrored ceilings and shiny, gold accents – are a common thread throughout the restaurant. 

Frame’s take

Tailoring its restaurants to their surroundings is something carefully practiced by Bun. A vibrant and fun space was created for an university-adjacent restaurant, also in Milan, through its purple and green interior designed for a younger crowd of diners. Bun’s Brera location, however, is situated in Milan’s central district close to famed cultural institutions like the Pinacoteca di Brera gallery and high-end shopping and dining. A more varied and toned-down colour palette and other refined elements make for location-specific interiors that articulate the brand’s identity in a palatable way for the local crowd. The Bun-Masquespacio partnership demonstrates that even a fast-food burger joints can be transformed into luxury-like restaurants if packaged correctly.