Sydney-based artist Natalya Hughes presents a new series of paintings this month at Beam Contemporary in Melbourne, Australia.

Comprising partially discrete, ebulliently coloured motifs, Hughes’ work resembles a kaleidoscope of images that explore the spaces between the beautiful and the phantasmagoric. She challenges the binary opposition of art as being either real or abstract, instead constructing a deliriously patterned world that eschews easy classification.

By fragmenting and reconstructing Japanese woodblock prints depicting women, the Looking Full  exhibition delves into a rich host of interpretations that can arise from studying the gaze of portrait sitters. With titles such as Looking As If She Wants to Change and Looking Itchy, Hughes’ work dramatises and complicates the characters played by these women for the purpose of art, while in the process questioning the boundary between projection and authenticity.

Looking Full will show at Beam Contemporary from 22 March to 27 April.

Beam Contemporary
Level 1
30 Guildford Lane
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Images courtesy of the artist and the gallery.