NEVADA – Burning Man Festival 2012 boasted an installation at its very heart by French architect Stéphane Malka of Malka Architecture. Loopcamp, a circular structure composed of recycled paper cylinders of different lengths and widths, serves at once as a musical installation and a sandstorm shelter.

Every year the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA sees Black Rock City come to life with over 50,000 temporary inhabitants. According to Malka Architecture, this spontaneous city ‘is the last social utopia since the creation of Israel’s first Kibboutz. A town made of alternative visionary arts such as capsules, geodesic domes, robots, balloons, art-cars, mobile homes and various other installations’.

Built on the Playa, where the urban circle opens up to the desert, Loopcamp faces the direction of the major winds. Its location, together with the position of the different paper tubes, triggers the air pressure and creates a spectrum of melodies. 'Based on a circular plan', Malka Architecture explains, ‘Loopcamp radiates a surround sound with different tones, creating a unique and constantly reinvented sonar experience, a physical translation of the movement from the city and of the elements'.

Photos courtesy of Malka Architecture