MELBOURNE – Melbourne-based architectural studio FREADMANWHITE recently completed four townhouses in suburban North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This project providing active street frontages involves the transformation of a former industrial site and sets the stage for an urban modern-day way of living and working.

Offering great flexibility of use as well as convenient access to an enticing array of amenities and key points throughout the city, the Lothian Townhouses suit the needs and requirements of a wide range of potential clients – such as artists, young professionals, families with children and empty-nesters – longing to settle into a rather quiet and leafy neighbourhood.

Through crisp lines, an elegant formal vocabulary and carefully selected materials, the multi-unit, mixed-use development boasts a truly contemporary design, cleverly bringing out a refined classic touch. The project thus appears to seamlessly fit into its context, an eclectic transitional area in which the built environment bears witness to a strong and long-lasting industrial heritage.

The townhouses feature flexible and highly-adaptable architectural systems, articulating tastefully-finished multi-purpose spaces. Architects Ilana Freadman and Michaeal White favour natural light as a dynamic element accentuating the spatial qualities of the free-flowing interiors and the craftsmanship of its details.

Photos Christine Francis