Frame talks to Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau of Studio Besau Marguerre ahead of the launch of LT05 North – a lamp for E15 – that debuted in Milan this week.

Is it true that your lamp references a lunar eclipse? In what way?
Marcel Besau: The two adjoining circles create an area of light around the lamp’s cylindrical form – light that can spread in two directions without hindrance. The viewer’s perspective determines the appearance of the light, which changes as you move from place to place. The circular shapes and the varying intensity of the light evoke connotations of a lunar phase.

Can you talk us through the design process?
Eva Marguerre: We tested quite a few configurations and light sources. We played with the effect of light reflecting off copper surfaces. The only way to test a lamp was to make a 1:1 prototype equipped with a particular bulb or LED. We had many an upsetting moment after spending long hours making a prototype, finally switching it on, and seeing that it wasn’t what we wanted.

Can you explain a bit about the technical aspect of the process?
Marcel Besau: As this was our first lamp, we had to learn a lot about different sockets, bulbs and LEDs. Each technology has its own properties and limitations. We started by building paper and cardboard models, which gave us an impression of the qualities of the fixtures we had in mind.

Photos Silke Zander