Mannequin-producer Proportion London launches a new collection expanding into mannequins for jewellery and accessories. Precious is the result of extensive research; a composition of versatile display pieces that cater to the evolving needs of the market and further enhance the retail landscapes of their impressive list of clients.

The rise of fast-fashion retailers such as Zara and H&M has fundamentally changed consumer behaviour, prompting a redesign of how to showcase fashion alongside fine jewellery. Regardless of diamond or zirconia, presentation remains a fundamental aspect of the shopping experience. Proportion London’s familiarity with the fashion industry allows the mannequin designers to predict trends and develop products that answer the needs of modern retailers, an advantage as integral to the fashion business as the merchandise itself.

Featuring luxurious materials, the Precious collection creates an air of elegance which reflects the emotions expressed with jewellery. Beauty, sophistication, and a bit of self-indulgence can be felt through the natural linen, warm wood, and classic brass material palette. Rarely do consumers actively examine the mannequins displaying either clothes or jewellery, and precisely because of this they can be very effective in influencing customer perception. To illustrate the versatility of the range, Proportion London created individual looks for the launch to reflect different moods and styles.

Shiny gold finishes are never understated: Proportion London's execution of the maximalist trend makes a bold statement.

Luxe represents elegance, refinement, and femininity. 

Raw metals and dark fabrics give the classic expression of the collection an edgy strength.

The designs are reserved enough to maintain the versatility necessary to accommodate a range of products, yet opulent enough to convey a sense of splendour. Using clean and simple forms to evoke the human shape, the products are modern and sensual. Appearing solid from the front but disappearing into a thin frame in profile, Precious is present as far as functionality dictates, yet discreet enough to yield attention and focus to the merchandise.

The official launch of the Precious collection is on 5 December at Proportion's London showroom.

Location 65 Leonard St. Shoreditch, London