Creative developing firm Macro Sea conceived a project to formulate an updated student living typology with an operational prototype residence inside a 100-year-old industrial building.

Situated within the historic neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, G27 recently opened its doors to international students. The non-profit organisation Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) conceived an interdisciplinary space for students living abroad which escapes the mass-living dormitory standard, aiming to create a community incubator where learning, creativity and social activities could coexist.

David Belt – founder of New York-based developer Macro Sea – choose Berlin as the ideal city to debut this type of complex for its eclectic fusion of culture and residents. A former Roka manufacturing complex covering an area of 85,000 square feet proved to be the ideal location for the residential program with buildings wrapped around an open-air court. After renovating a primary industrial building, the structure became the home of offices, amenities and bedrooms which comfortably accommodate over 200 students.

Multiple social hubs are distributed into different floors but still connected by common spaces with communal seating areas. A mixture of Bavarian and Danish design, locally sourced furniture and materials from the original factory are found as decor throughout the interior. Old and new stylings are balanced to create a harmonious and playful environment for international students to feel at home during their temporary stays.