While a showroom is meant to display products for sale, it can also be a place to put on a show. Tasked with designing Spanish brand Roca’s sixth global gallery, Mad Architects created a space that opens up to its urban environment, tapping into the curiosity of passersby through a playful blurring of the boundaries between virtual and material, interior and exterior.

‘I hope that the Roca Beijing Gallery can become a vivid corner of the urban community, connecting people and city in the simplest way,’ says Mad Architects founder Ma Yansong. The transparent façade and bright projections inside the space encourage strollers to engage with their surroundings; restoring a sense of playful inquisitiveness often dormant in busy cities where it seems all we do is commute from point A to B.

It is precisely this sense of curiosity which drives the concept behind Mad’s design: the practice intentionally created a sense of ambiguity in the boundaries between the space and its external environment.

This unclear division between interior and exterior illustrates the sense of continuity addressed by Yansong above, and hinges on the movement of pedestrians and the silhouettes of those inside, which are further distorted by the LED screens.