An acronym for Makers of Australian Products, MAP delivers award-winning furniture and objects that express an uncomplicated ethos and timeless quality.

Last month at Denfair, a boutique trade fair for contemporary art and design in Melbourne, MAP’s new collection as well as its new direction under Schiavello were revealed for the first time. Schiavello, an Australian-owned manufacturer of high-end furniture, acquired MAP in 2013 with founder Chris Connell still providing creative direction as well as guidance in design collaborations with creatives across Australia.

Designed by Connell, MAP’s latest products are simultaneously underpinned by modern design innovation and a relaxed Australian simplicity. The tables, seating, and storage solutions contributed to the environment of discovery and inspiration at Denfair.

The chair and bar stool in the Wire collection are almost reductionist in their simplicity.

The minimalist and lightweight design makes Wire particularly ideal for outdoor seating, with an optional seat pad as a comfortable add-on.

The classic yet nonstandard seating is available in a range of vibrant colours.

Simple yet strong, the Rib collection in Connell’s selection of natural timber adds a touch of warmth to contemporary interiors.

Rib’s organic form gives spaces a clean, innocent look, particularly the chair, which is reminiscent of school classroom seating. Both the Rib bar stool and chair are practical, durable, and versatile.

MAP’s sole storage solution at the moment, Lean is available in two sizes, short and tall. Short is the ideal television table, or low cabinet to be placed against a wall, while Tall is a simple yet considered bookcase.

While each of the units make a visual impact strong enough to stand alone, the Lean collection also works well as a set.

The Split coffee, side, high, and dining tables were realized with individuality in mind. Available in either a cross or flat base, Split also comes in different colour combinations, which can be customized to match individual taste and various décors.

Perhaps the most energetic products of the launch, the Plane tables come in three shapes of various colours, including sunny yellow. The thin table tops come in square, semicircle, and rectangular shapes that can either sit flush against each other for an uninterrupted surface, or stand at different heights to allow sets to be nested together.

In spite of their different geometric tabletop shapes, the Plane units complement each other well thanks to the circular stands that provide a thematic visual repetition.

Exhibited from Milan to Los Angeles, MAP products have also entered the permanent collection of MOMA New York, Powerhouse Museum Sydney and The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.