Prominently placed in the World Expo 2017 held in Astana, an aluminium structure looks like a bubbling explosion waiting to happen. But fear not, it is not even close to being volatile – solid and fixed, Minima | Maxima by Marc Fornes, from THEVERYMANY, defies our expectations and leaves us contemplating and dreaming.

Marc Fornes’ work, through THEVERYMANY, is no stranger to the international architectural scene. The New York-based studio was recently featured here for another permanent fixture. Previously, the architect explained to Mark Magazine about their future plans in further developing spatial experiences. Thankfully, they have surpassed these goals and created a new kind of space where ‘people might accidentally lose a little of their time.’ It is their tallest aluminium structure to date.

The installation layers three 2-mm thin aluminium strips – amounting to a 6-mm thick overall structure - weaving into each other to support one another and culminating in a structure of surfaces continually warping and opening up. ‘One layer never exists independently, but contributes to and benefits from the unified whole,’ explains Marc Fornes. The process to build up the 13-m high structure required no temporary scaffolding or mold – only little rivets allowing adapted corrections during construction.

The structure meets the ground gently as it slowly corrugates itself to fit into the base. The installation's continuity is its strong suit, creating a cohesive overall form. The pink layers contrast with the white layers- guiding us through the surfaces and giving us a peak at how the surfaces change subtly from the angular base to the double-curved top.

‘To be inside Minima | Maxima is to be transported to a strange future, a science fiction world, removing us from ourselves and finding within a sense of naïve wonder,’ concludes the architect. The shadows and light sway and dilute throughout the structure and its openings – leaving visitors wanting to climb into it and lose track of time.

Visual Representation of Structure
Location World Expo 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan