Artistic, architectural or just plain folly, installations are fun, expressive and – more often than not – temporary. Whether it’s for a political agenda or just for a giggle, installations serve their purpose for a specified amount of time before being dismantled and/or moved elsewhere.

With a unique message behind each piece, the work is completed by artists, students and architects alike to explore the context of a location and experiment with materials in exciting news ways that might not be practical for permanent structures. This week, we bring you five installations that have caught our eye due to their meaning, visual identity or simply their excitement factor. Enjoy!

Les Voutes Filantes by Atelier YokYok
Photo and lead image Ulysse / courtesy of the architect

CAHORS – Paris-based Atelier YokYok teamed up with metal sculptor Ulysse Lacoste and Laure Qaremy to design a temporary installation for the 2015 Cahors June Garden Festival. An annual event, taking place throughout the month of June in the south-west of France, the festival reveals twenty-five beautiful gardens with different installations and activities.


Metamorfose by FAHR 021.3
Photo courtesy of the architect

PORTO – A cyborg spider web, an abstract fossil of urban decay, a glitch in the Tron universe. These are just a few of the images potentially invoked by Metamorfose, a new public installation from local studio FAHR 021.3 in the São Bento area of Porto.


Bow-House by Stépane Malka
Photo Laurent Clement

HEERLEN – Last year, French architect Stéphane Malka described his design for A-KAMP47, a wall-mounted tent community in Marseille, as ‘cantilevered on the law between private and public property’. His work is intensely political, calling attention to urban housing crises and the inability of prevailing architectural and socioeconomic values to provide solutions.


La Vitrine Culturelle by Moment Factory
Photo courtesy of the architect

MONTREAL – Montreal-based Moment Factory never fails to live up to its reputation as one of the world’s leading new media and entertainment studios, at the forefront of advances in the conception and production of immersive environments.


Mirrored Sight by Li Hao
Photo Kang Wei

LONGLI – A collection of installations, which make up the Shelter series, is periodically set up on the outskirts of an old town in the south of China. Designed and built by local architect Li Hao, the pieces relate directly to the stories of the local area and build parallels between the rural location of each site and of the culture and history of Longli.