Minimalism strives to strip away excess, approves quality over quantity and looks for the essence in everything we live in, touch, see, and consume. In architecture, this translates to the appreciation of each material used and a whole lot of white apparently. Whether you live the minimalist dream or are aspiring to become a fervent follower of this philosophy, we can learn a bit more about how to enrich our lives with the minimum. Take note of these five projects that do more with a little less.

Daxing Factory Conversion by Nie Yong and Yoshimasa Tsutsumi
Photo Misae Hiromatsu

BEIJING – Working together, Chinese architect Nie Yong and Japanese Yoshimasa Tsutsumi recently completed the rehabilitation of a 5000-sq-m disused factory building.


9x9 House by Studio Archiholic
Photo Kim Jaekyeong

GYEONGGI-DO – In the mid-western part of the Korean peninsula lies an experimental housing project completed by Seoul-based architect Younghan Chung.


House-T by Tsukano
Photo Kenichi Asano

MIYAZAKE – Located on a busy road in Miyazake, Japan, architect Michiya Tsukano turned a Japanese home into an oasis of minimalist calm.


Police Station by Josep Ferrando Bramona and Sergi Serrat
Photo Adrià Goula

SALT – If this building in the Spanish city of Salt looks nothing like your idea of a police station – that’s exactly the point.


Reykjavik House by Moomoo Architects
Photo Courtesy of the architect

REYKJAVIK – A sleek, monochromatic white house in Reykjavik blends with its surroundings.