Breath-taking views are abound in all corners of the world. Fortunately, architects take advantage of such moments and design viewing platforms to appreciate thrilling panoramic views. Sometimes it’s views first, architecture second. Here are five projects that take us to the edge.  

A concrete flying carpet provides for a sky-high Norwegian outlook
Photo Jiri Havran

GULARFJELL – Code has created a massive concrete viewing platform at the west coast of Norway.


The Sweep by John Lin and Olivier Ottevaere
Photo John Lin / Olivier Ottevaere

YUNNAN – Students and staff at the University of Hong Kong investigate the possibilities of timber construction in remote parts of China.


British Airways i360 tower continues Brighton's theme park tradition

Photo British Airways i360 / Visual Air

BRIGHTON – The beachfront town has a new entertainment icon added to its shores.


Viewpoint Sint Jansklooster by Zecc Architects
Photo Stijn Poelstra

SINT JANSKLOOSTER – No stranger to adaptive reuse, a small Dutch firm turns the inside of a monumental water tower into an architectural journey through the sublime.


Çanakkale Antenna Tower by IND and Powerhouse Company
Photo Powerhouse Company

ÇANAKKALE – The design of a new 100-m-tall observation and telecommunications tower has led to a tremendous outcome.