‘When one door closes, a window opens,’ goes the saying. So here’s a new Mark A-to-Z where we look out into the world through a series of  five note-worthy projects that display their charm through their windows. Blurring the lines between interior and exterior, mitigating glare, silk-screening patterns, and insulating through triple-glazing - a window can be a vast playing field for architects and designers.

UNStudio fabricates a patterned façade of tessellated diamonds
Photo Hufton + Crow / Eric Jap (lead image)

SHANGHAI – More of a commercial destination than a conventional shopping mall, Lane 189 makes a deeper connection between brands and the young professionals in the area.


Brenac & Gonzalez et Associés personifies three urban objects with a strong identity
Photo Sergio Grazia / Stefan Tuchila

PARIS – Three metallic offices adhere to an underlying theme, with elevations clad in repeated patterns of aluminium and stainless steel.


XTU Architects inspires the reality of living in the sky

Photo David Foessel

PARIS – Protected by a small garden, Nuages – which translates as 'clouds' – is an eight-storey residential project that was inspired by its environment.


Kop van Lombok by AMR
Photo Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer

UTRECHT – The proposed apartment blocks on a contentious site in Utrecht have been in the works for seventeen years.


HANDS Corporation Headquarters by The System Lab

SEOUL – The small-scale office building brings a fluid expression to the Korean streetscape.