We congratulate the designers and studios who have developed interiors that display agenda-setting work in material, colour and light use.

In an industry full of focus on material, colour and light, it’s nothing short of a challenge to decide on the spaces that are most exemplary of each category, but it’s an endeavour that our monthly and grand juries have met with enthusiasm and skill. After deliberating for hours on the shortlist – a compilation comprised of Interiors of the Month winners – Frame Awards 2021’s Grand Jury boiled submissions in our Executional category down to three winners. Each space provides an exemplary framework innovation in their respective field – you can learn from more jury takeaways by perusing the individual project pages.

Best Use of Material: MO de Movimiento, Lucas Muñoz, Madrid, Spain, 9.11

‘MO de Movimiento is the winner because Lucas Muñoz has expressed and executed very mindful and sharp uses of material and resources, down to the last details,’ explains Ikea designer Akanksha Deo Sharma. ‘It reflects quite a holistic perspective on sustainability from the point of ideation to execution, resulting in an uncompromising outcome.’Best Use of Colour: Ura – Landscape, JA! Studio, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, 8.47

‘The restrictive palettes that this project uses are fantastic,’ says Justine Fox, cofounder of Calzada Fox. ‘[The designers] have worked with a small palette that highlights the new product launch and really draws attention from the outside world into [the space].’Best Use of Light: Roof Top Orchestra, Hakuten Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, 8.52

Daniel Wigham, senior strategist at Studio XAG believes that the project is successful because ‘many people will be left with a positive, lasting memory of the experience with different perspectives on light.'

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