MDDM Studio composes an elegant interior for new restaurant Lievito with natural stone volumes and slender brass surfaces in a layered application that changes depending on perspective. Surrounded by foreign embassies and a growing business district, the gourmet pizzeria is located in a posh area of Beijing. The 200-sq-m Lievito captures this context with an opulent material palette – grey granite terrazzo adds visual texture while brass accents offer a sleek contrast.


The entrance stairs employ the same natural stone, setting the ambience for a seamless transition to the indulgent interior. A long, linear brass stripe and parallel lighting enhance the length of the dining area and lead guests to the bar and aperitivo area where large foldable windows give way to the outdoor terrace. The terrace and its immediate interior contain only a few cosy seating elements, allowing the space to accommodate different social events.

Adding a unique sculptural quality to the space is the thin brass panel which conceals a portion of the bar. Appearing solid from the front, the brass disappears amid the heavy stone volumes in profile. Concrete-finished walls match the colour of the terrazzo in a blank slate for the linear gold inlay. The metallic surface is repeated in the occasional side table tray where it maintains a distinct character despite being fixed to the stone blocks.


Communicating extravagance through a minimal design, MDDM’s broad application of granite terrazzo merges the floor with its neighbouring fittings and creates the illusion of one solid block. Each element fits like puzzle and every brass fixture is a calculated addition – ensuring that an elegant line of metal can be seen from every perspective.

Location Maizidian West Street 39 Chaoyang District, Beijing