Merike Estna captured our attention with her unusual reinventions of the painted image: defying stereotypical ideas about how paintings should be rendered, placed and perceived, she creates polychromatic sets comprising an array of different materials that range from strips of paper to bubble plastic to the good ol’ canvas. She does not work commercially or take portraits as we previously mentioned in Elephant #18 – although she always does her best to challenge our accustomed experiences of painting through her practice. 

Earlier this month, Estna designed an installation and produced paintings on an exclusive edition of towels and bathrobes for So soft/+Pure, an event hosted by Norwegian gallery Smallprojects. Visitors to the gallery enjoyed sauna sessions while wearing and being surrounded by Estna’s colourful work. From 26 June, Estna will bring her paint-stallations to a larger stage with a solo show and a group exhibition at KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn. Now, can anybody still question the relevance of painting within contemporary art?

Images courtesy of the artist.