Music has always played a crucial role in Michael Alan's explosive artistic practice. In fact he compares his creative process to that of composing music: 'I work in five levels like a grey scale or the variations of tempos on a music album', he explains.

Following his inspiration, Alan starts from line drawings that are progressively elaborated, made colourful with painting and collaged into a crescendo of layers. People interact with the pieces in the form of Living Installations, a live performance practice Alan established a few years ago.

In 2012 Alan was badly injured twice (first during a performance and then in a car accident). He is still dealing with damage to his spine and brain but he hasn't allowed this terrible experience to stop his volcanic creativity.

His collaboration with the since long established avant-garde music and multimedia collective The Residents is evidence of the energetic nature of his visual art. 'I Rather Poop' (available on soundcloud here) is a hypnotic  trance, pervaded by a sensual dreamlike mood. The sound piece exudes the same chaotic and almost Dionysian force that has animated the Living Installations performances.

All images courtesy of the artist.