MOSCOW – A temporary office structure near Moscow resembles a 1400-sq-m inflatable igloo.

Given a brief to construct a ‘fun and sexy’ office, Mossine Partners realized the structure with an outer ‘membrane’ made of PVC fabric. Vertical facets divide the domes into an undulating series of riveted balloons.

The structure houses a showroom and office for the real estate company that’s developing the site. The internal program is organized into three zones: the largest central ‘bubble’ houses an exhibition area with 1:1 apartment models. Branching off this are two smaller ‘bubbles’ with a sales area for managers in one and a relax area, complete with café and playroom for children, in the other.

Above the swelling office form is a fourth volume: a hot air balloon floats overhead to display the company’s logo.

Photos courtesy of Alexey Naroditskiy