The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague offered fairgoers in Milan a chance to witness the method behind the making.

As a journalist trekking around a design fair, you get used to seeing a lot of products. Some are ready to roll off the production line, while others try to mask the fact that they’re not quite there yet. But now, more than ever, some designers are choosing to highlight their roles as experimenters. This process-is-the-most-important mentality was clearly exhibited in Live Factory Make My Day, a presentation by the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, the Netherlands.

From their base in Ventura Lambrate, current students and alumni showed their working process through experimentation with raw materials, techniques and forms in the Live Factory production line. ‘We wanted to take the public into the “kitchen” to show how we work,’ says tutor Claudia Linders. ‘We encourage them to learn through their processes, to try to fail harder.’

The work raises questions such as: When is a design ever finished? How much can designers make without manufacturers? And is the process just as important as the product itself?

Photos Filippo Bamberghi