Bolon, Atlas Concorde and Florim are among the brands introducing new wall, floor and product covering options to the market this week.



Engaged by the concept of standardization, Konstantin Grcic took a rational approach to the design of Mutina collection Din. The surfacing line adopts a modular logic, taking the form of four sizes and shapes – two squares and two rectangles. With a range of 64 tiles – there are eight colours and 12 finishes, including both matte and glossy – clients can create a vast array of tactile environments.



Patricia Urquiola’s collaboration with Bolon highlights the parallels between the flooring brand’s weaving process and traditional Japanese sashiko stitching. With four calming colourways, the surfacing is suitable for workspaces, hospitality settings and commercial interiors. ‘We wanted to communicate coziness – a feeling of warmth,’ Urquiola shares. ‘I was inspired by the contrasts of Bolon’s hard-wearing qualities and the softness of woven fabrics.’



On preview during MDW 2021 is X-Kin, a new addition to Fenix’s product family. Designer Constance Guisset utilized the surfacing to build a sensory, eight-installation space entitled Materiorama, championing material innovation. Fenix’s vibrant panels are juxtaposed by metallic strips of Homopal surfaces, imparting a sense of dynamic interaction and contrast. 



The wood experts at Alpi joined forces with Piero Lissoni to conceive French Palette, showing the chromatic potential of the natural material. French Palette is crafted with raw poplar wood sustainably sourced from Italian arboriculture sites. To come up with the unique colour scheme, Lissoni referenced early 18th-century French painting, treating the wood ‘like a fresco’. 


Atlas Concorde

A nod to abstract art, Piero Lissoni and Atlas Concorde’s 3D Sign surfaces combine ancient stonework craftsmanship and new-age technologies. ‘Their three-dimensional texture exalts their minimalist graphics, as do the light and shadows,’ says Lissoni, continuing that ‘their frequently irregular design gives them a touch of handcrafted-style charm, despite them being made using a sophisticated hyper-industrial process,’ explains the designer.



Florim’s Sensi Pigmenti, from its Casa Dolce Casa series, is a set of chromatic, natural surfaces containing up to 42 per cent recycled materials, manufactured with a highly sustainable process. It is presented in an installation curated by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. ‘Sensi embodies the tactile experience of touching earth, and of interpreting mineral essences mixed and forged over time,’ notes the brand.



Combining sleek glass and aluminium with warm wood, Koan Plus is a configurable panelling system from Lualdi. ‘It is a natural and aesthetic evolution of the original concept of reinterpreting Chinese mobile partitions in a contemporary key,’ explains designer Filippo Gabbani. ‘It is the first of a long series of evolutions inspired by the traditional decorations of Chinese culture.’