SÃO PAULO – The high temperatures and tranquil character of Brazil’s southwestern countryside defined much of the design of MM House in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo. Ventilation and insulation were key for the habitability of the house and the solutions presented by Marcio Kogan and Maria Cristina Motta of São Paulo-based Studio MK27, managed to incorporate these elements into the site and the relaxed atmosphere of a holiday house.

‘MM House’s organization,’ as the architects explain, ‘is set by the intersection of two perpendicular axes on a single ground floor. Along one axis is the horizontal volume of the house, with its green roof that lifts the grass of the land and merges with the surrounding construction. Along the other axis, there is emptiness: a wooden deck and pool.’

Where the two axes intersect, the architects designed a terrace whose low concrete ceiling and permanent cross ventilation give it an inviting atmosphere. The interior ceilings are high, following the roof’s design and contrast  with the terrace’s low ceiling, creating a dynamic spatiality.

Images courtesy of Fernando Guerra