Connecting to MMIC’s diverse streetwear offering, NiiiZ constructed a series of surreal, impossible road routes within the brand’s Seoul store.

South Korean streetwear company MMIC has a distinct point of difference as a fashion brand: like a few major international players such as Nike and Adidas, it develops its own fabrics. The brand uses its physical stores in part to communicate this distinction. Letting customers see the materials with their own eyes and touch them with their own hands has become an important channel for communication. 

For MMIC’s space in Seoul’s Yongsan District, NiiiZ Design Lab applied to the interior concept another of the brand’s driving forces: diversity. MMIC wants to offer such a wide range of colourful clothing that customers can pick and choose to satisfy their own tastes. NiiiZ equated this quality with the term ‘infinity’, connecting it with MMIC’s focus on streetwear to achieve a surreal end result. Throughout the 103-sq-m interior, ‘roads’ marked with directional cues send visitors on impossible courses: up walls, into mirrors and – thanks to mirrored surfaces – even across ceilings. The designers say ‘the streets that stretch in many directions connect to the character of Seoul while creating a variety of stories’ for shoppers to follow.

Location 9 Itaewon-ro 54-gil, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea