Located in the Israeli Museum Holon’s urban plaza, Cloud Seeding pavilion by MODU hosts leisure and cultural events.

In collaboration with design studio Geotectura, New York-based interdisciplinary architecture practice MODU was inspired by traditional greenhouses to offer an upgraded gathering point typology for the public. Evoking the meaning of ancient Greek 'agora', Cloud Seeding becomes a symbol of engaging public experiences, hosting performances, dance classes, reading or just relaxing.

With the absence of walls or roof panels, the pavilion is realised with a structural frame that supports a fabric mesh ceiling. Above it, 30,000 lightweight balls made of PET plastic recycled from water bottles float and randomly drift overhead while the visitors lay on beach chairs. These 'seeds' cross the whole surface alternating between empty and filled areas in a playful and unpredictable spectacle of light and shade.

Characteristic of daily breezes from the Mediterranean Sea, the balls are in continuous movement, forming a strong connection between the installation and its location. The dynamic surface influences visitor’s perception within the pavilion.