During Milan Design Week, Moooi invited visitors to listen to a singing chandelier and take a short walk on a puffy cumulus of clouds. True to its luxuriously whimsical character, Moooi presented A Life Extraordinary at the Mediateca Santa Teresa, the brand's new Fuorisalone location in Brera.

This edition of their much-awaited yearly Milan showcase brought together several new designs: the BFF Sofa by Marcel Wanders, the Meshmatics small by Rick Tegelaar, a new addition to the Extinct Animals family and the aforementioned singing chandelier designed by Kranen/Gille, inspired by a family of wall lamps called The Party  – which debuted in December as the first Moooi More Moment.

But smartly, it also let the industry take a look behind the curtain, to get acquainted with some of the new materials and methods the brand has been playing with in recent months. Visitors were invited, for example, to experience the brand's new fabrics and leathers in special workshops hosted by ECCO Leather, Shin-Denim and Denim City in the Indigo Experience Lab.

Moooi co-founder Marcel Wanders' BFF is a cushy but firm modular sofa system that consists of 17 modules and a footstool that visitors were invited to configure to their own specifications. Its quilted look was inspired by the capitone upholstering method, but scaled up.

Trading out crystal for metal mesh, Tegelaar developed a new machine and set of tools to fabricate the Meshmatics chandelier. The billowing pendant elevates modest wire netting to an opulent object of illumination.

The singing chandelier by Kranen/Gille offers the multi-part harmony of a family of five wall lights, consisting of Ted, Coco, Bert, Glenn and The Mayor. Each family member blends light and dark character traits and has an intriguing personal history that connects that person to the others.

The exhibition included the latest addition to the Extinct Animals family, Indigo Macaque, which inspired the new denim collection Moooi Tokyo Blue. That presentation demonstrated how Moooi is innovating with Japanese denim suited to a range of interior design, furniture and lighting applications.

The Indigo Experience Lab represented a partnership with ECCO Leather, creators of a premium leather range, Shin-Denim, and Denim City, Amsterdam based denim innovators. During the show, visitors were able to take part in interactive workshops held at the Lab and learn more about the secrets behind Moooi’s favourite materials and revolutionary techniques.

As Milan welcomed hordes of international visitors last week, Moooi's new launches were simultaneously on display at more than 20 locations around the globe. These global introductions are part of the brand's More Moooi Moments year-round product launches, which are generating fresh momentum for the brand and, not least, more frequent reasons to revere it, whether you're celebrating menageries or ménages.